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Start generating rental income from your property by using the top rated tenant placement company in St Louis! Start with a FREE Rental Analysis Today!

Start with a FREE Rental Analysis Today!

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Cancel Anytime Contract

No Upfront Fees

No Marketing Fees

Only Pay Us When We Find A Renter

100% Tax Deductible

Free 7 Month Tenant Warranty Provided

Free Rental Analysis Of Your Property

How much will your home rent for?

Stage 1: Marketing

We place your property on over 40+ websites

Email blast through our massive network

Social media posts

Paid ads on Facebook

Our website which gets 200+ views per day

Yard sign

Stage 2: Showings

Flexible showing schedule 6 days a week

We handle the showings while you are at work

Experienced leasing staff

Weeding out the bad apples

Stage 3: Qualifying The Renter

National Terrorist Action List

Civil search for any evictions or litigation

Criminal search for any felonies

FDLE sexual predators search

Credit check to determine how individual handles their obligations

Employment verification

Rental check for previous 2 years

Cross reference addresses from application

Credit score

Social Security Number verification

You give final approval for any tenant

Stage 4: Move-In Day

Lease prep and signing

Collection of deposit and ¬1st month’s rent

Move-in day condition inspection report

Handing over of keys to tenant

Giving Tenant Move-in packet

Stage 5: Tenant Warranty

Free 7 month tenant warranty

If a renters moves out in the first 7 months we replace them free of charge!

Minimizes risk for the property owner

Stress free tenant placement

Increases profits

Makes renting your property safer than ever!

Are you ready to rent out your home?

The agent referral program

For every property owner you refer to us that we place a tenant for we will pay you a 20% referral commission based off one months rent! All for just referring your client over to the professional leasing agents!

7 Month Tenant Warranty

The Tenant Factory is the first company in St Louis to offer such an impressive program. It protects the property owner from dead-beat tenants and people who will not be able to afford monthly rent for a number of reasons.

Free Rental Analysis

Ever wonder what your property will rent for? Our rental analysis report shuffles through loads of local real estate data and drills down to find current rent rates in the area and spits out an in-depth report.

  • "These guys are my single source for supplying tenants." Darren H.

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    "This company is by far one of the best I've ever worked with. I will continue to use them over and over!" Mandi H.

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    "The Tenant Factory's service was very prompt! He went out and found tenants for me, and got back to me right away. " Brian S.

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  • "I am a repeat customer with The Tenant Factory. I have used them about 3 times. They are the only rental agency I recommend." Erica H.

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    "My wife and I were both offered promotions in Houston which meant that we obviously needed to relocate, and quickly." Rick D.

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    "I can't recommend the team at Tenant Factory highly enough, Daniel was exceptional from first contact to the final contract" Rob F.

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  • "He was basically a miracle and got our place rented in record time (at the worst time of year) to a fabulous tenant " Elizabeth R.

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    "The focus on leasing is very powerful to leverage time & resources. We can 'set it and forget it.' " Alicia S.

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    "I was blown away with The Tenant Factory! I met them at the property and they assessed the rent value at a price that I didn't dream was possible. " Gary T.

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