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So simple & Free

Everyone knows time is money! The longer you wait to lease, the more your vacant property will cost you in lost rent or possible damages.

Step 1
Complete theFree Rental Analysis” form at the bottom of this page.  Then we will perform an in-depth rental report on your property.

Step 2
We’ll email you the “Free Rental Analysis” report within 24 business hours, along with our brochure and all of the details on our industry leading tenant placement services, including info on our 7-Month Tenant Warranty. Once you’re ready to start, we’ll meet you at your property to take photos, get keys for showings and have you sign our leasing service contract, which allows us to legally market your property.


Step 3
We immediately start marketing your property. This includes promotion on more than 40 websites including The Tenant Factory’s website. We will also alert our list of ready renters. Exposure is key to finding a quality tenant quickly!

Step 4
Once we have verbally verified that any interested parties are a fit for your property, we schedule, meet and show your place.

Step 5
We conduct background checks on interested tenants and provide you with the results. You get the final say on who rents your place!

Step 6
Your tenant signs the lease, then we collect fees for you.  We also perform move inspections at this time.

And that’s it! You have your qualified, quality tenant in a snap with no hassles!

Start Today! Complete our “Free Rental Analysis” form at the bottom of this page!