The most successful property owners always seek to minimize the risk of a bad tenant. We have the experience, systems and tools that help us eliminate dead-beat prospective tenants who take advantage of property owners.

We’re so confident about our services and expertise we have created our 7-Month Tenant Warranty program. The Tenant Factory is the first company in St Louis to offer such an impressive program. It protects the property owner from dead-beat tenants and people who will not be able to afford monthly rent for a number of reasons. Our experience has shown us that tenants who default do so in the first 7 months.

If your tenant stops paying rent or violates any lease terms by moving out before their term up, we replace them with a new tenant free of charge.

Here are the advantages of our exclusive 7-Month Tenant Warranty:

  • Eliminates risk of a bad tenant
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Increases your profits

Our exclusive 7-Month Tenant Warranty guarantees you worry free tenant placement.

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